Keep YouTube Rolling – A Clever Tesla Hack

As proud Tesla owners, we’re constantly discovering clever hacks and tricks shared by the vibrant online Tesla community. Recently we came across a nifty technique for keeping YouTube videos playing even after the driver exits the car. Here’s how it works:

  • Apply weight on driver’s seat to keep videos playing after exiting
  • Allows rear passengers to keep watching without interruption
  • Simple hack that shows creativity of the Tesla owner community

The Problem:
When the driver gets out of a Tesla and walks away, any YouTube or streaming video playing on the central display will pause after a short time. This automatic pause is ostensibly for safety and power management. But it can be annoying if rear passengers want to keep watching their show.

The Clever Hack:

  • Place a weight, such as manual pressure,or a bag, on the driver’s seat before exiting.
  • This tricks the Tesla into “thinking” the driver is still there.
  • The added weight presses down on the occupancy sensor, preventing the automatic video pause.

Why it Works

  • Tesla seats have an occupancy sensor to detect when driver exits.
  • Weighing down the seat fools the sensor into keeping systems active.
  • Rear passengers can continue enjoying media uninterrupted.

We love clever tricks like this that showcase the creativity and problem-solving skills of the Tesla community. Small hacks like this make owning the car even more enjoyable. While probably not recommended for regular use, it’s an ingenious workaround for the occasional situation when rear passengers want to finish their movie.

The engaged Tesla owner community is always discovering new tips and tricks (check out the fine and simple Disco Light Supercharging hack). We look forward to learning more ways to get the most from these technology-packed EVs. What fun new hacks have you come across? Let us know in the comments!

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