This Simple Hack Lets You Disco Charge Your Tesla

Tesla owners, rejoice! A new hack discovered by Tesla tinkerers lets you spice up your charging experience with a flashy, funky light show. All it takes is pressing a button on the Tesla Supercharger cable in quick succession.

We’ll walk through how to pull off the Tesla Disco Charging hack, as the EV community has dubbed it. We’ll also discuss the origins of this clever trick and what it could mean for Tesla mods down the road.

Step-by-Step: How To Disco Charge Your Tesla

The Disco Charging hack works when using a Tesla V3 Supercharger. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Plug your Tesla into the Supercharger as usual and begin charging.
  2. Once the charging has initiated, locate the small circular button on the Supercharger handle near the plug.
  3. Press this button 10 times in rapid succession, no more than a second apart between presses.
  4. If done correctly, your Tesla’s charging status light will blink in a rainbow of colors instead of its usual single hue. It’s like a dance party on your dashboard!
  5. When charging is complete, the light will return to normal. Repeat the button press sequence during your next charging session to keep the disco mode going.

The Origin of the Tesla Disco Charging Hack

This clever hack was first discovered by Twitter user @keith_dorschner on a routine charging stop. Upon pushing the Supercharger’s button rapidly, he accidentally triggered the disco light show. Amused, he shared the trick online for other Tesla owners.

The hack quickly caught on in EV forums and social media channels. It lightens up the downtime at Supercharger stops. Careful though – if you press it 11 times, the charger might self destruct!

What This Means for Tesla Mods

While likely unintended by Tesla, the Disco Charging hack demonstrates the potential for owners to customize their vehicles. The Tesla modding community took notice and is already pondering other codes or sequences using the Supercharger button.

The flashing colors are harmless to charging speed or the vehicle. But Tesla may patch it in future software updates (ditto for the recent Keep YouTube Rolling after driver exit hack).

In the meantime, we recommend trying it yourself next time you Supercharge. It’s a simple way to add some extra fun.

Have you tried Disco Charging your Tesla? Let us know your experience in the comments below!

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